How to understand the feeling


Close your eyes.

You have just turned left on the highway with your 530 horses in charge.You’re with him. You’re both rocking fifth already! You knew you were going to have the fun of your life when you decided to take personal time off for a trip whose destination is unknown.

You turn your music off so you can hear the heart beat under that ultimate green coat. Oh, that roar…oh, those magnificent horses galloping under the glossy black bonnet vents.. Ok wait, it’s time! Clutch. Gearbox. Sixth. Acceleration. Full throttle now. You’re smiling. He’s roaring. You can feel how fast the blood flows through your veins, you can feel it how it comes out of your heart and goes straight up in your brain. There’s nothing on your mind besides the rare feeling of true happiness. Even if you can’t see, you can’t think, you definitely can’t hear, and for a moment there, you can’t breathe, you won’t stop smiling.

You feel free and wild like mustang roaming.

Do you understand the rush now?

This is the most accurate description of what i feel every time i hop behind me wheels.

Hi! I’m Carolina, and I’m a caraholic!

Midnight thoughts

       I’m a 25 years old woman who decided that after four excruciating years in law school she needs a gap year. A gap year that will provide her the necessary time designed to be spent with her thoughts and to fix her mind. Afterall, you can’t find your way in a broken mind, can you?

I took advantage of the marvellous weather and I went to visit my mother and father today at my home place. As all our conversation topics wore out, my mom asked me if I was ever going to remove my tattoos? Now, dont think that I have a full body work, no. I have two tattoos. A car engine shaped like a heart on my back because even if it may sound a little odd for a woman, one of my main hobbies includes sports cars and seven small stars on the back of my neck, because seven is supposed to be my lucky number and the stars..well, the stars mean another long story, for another time. I was 18 when I got inked and of course, like a rebel that I used to be I did it without my parent’s  aknowledgement. Later on, after 3-4 years later, I realised that in my future plans as a respected judge, my tattoos wouldn’t fit as well as i hoped to. Even if they are both coverable, there would be times in which i would be spotted out wearing summer dresses.. For a future judge being spotted with tattooes is a carreer crasher.

I now regret that I got inked. But the question is, why would I get rid of something that will always remind me not only of the great times I’ve had as a teenager but also of the mistakes I’ve made so far? Should I start getting rid of summer dresses or skin layers?